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A Borderless Digital Nation: E-Residency

Welcome to the 21st century, where digitalisation is truly taking over the world and every other aspect of our lives.

Luckily for some entrepreneurs and businesses, this take-over comes with many benefits and new opportunities, depending on how you use the tools available.

For example, Estonia's E-Residency programme. After following and observing this initiative for over 2 years, I finally took the next step and applied. (My government-issued digital ID card is on the way!)

What is E-Residency?

The official website explains: "E-Residency is a new digital nation for global citizens, powered by the Republic of Estonia [Member-State of the European Union]". Therefore,"E-Residency offers the freedom to easily start and run a global business in a trusted #EU environment".

This surely is an advantage for many entrepreneurs and business-owners from outside the EU, who now have the chance to enter the EU market through a Estonian-based company, while managing the business through online platforms. However, what exactly are the advantages for Europeans?

My job in the next few months is to discover that... So, those who are interested, make sure to visit my blog again soon.

Discover More

Learn more about E-Residency here; on the official E-Residency Blog on Medium.

Wish you all success in your next digital project!

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